As an association, we regularly meet with industry stakeholders to better understand how to build a strong, sustainable industry that’s good for our economy and environment. We also engage in public education and share information in a number of ways.


We’ve created a discussion paper that provides some ideas to help the territorial government better regulate an industry that’s currently governed by inconsistent and, at times, confusing policies and guidelines.


Some of the main NWTBEA concerns outlined in the paper include:


  • A lack of technical guidelines specific to automatic feed pellet boiler systems
  • A general lack of understanding of the latest generation of automatic feed pellet boiler systems by regulatory and permitting agencies (and staff) and resulting inconsistencies or contradictions in technical requirements and responses
  • Inconsistent treatment of pellet boiler systems by insurance companies in the NWT
  • A need to monitor and control the quality of wood pellets being supplied to the NWT


It also proposes four straightforward recommendations to deal with these obstacles:


  1. Develop Heating Pellet Guidelines for the NWT
  2. Support the Development / Adoption of National Standards for Biomass Fuel and Heating Equipment
  3. Conduct Outreach and Education
  4. Develop and Implement a Pellet Testing Protocol for NWT Pellet Supplies

This paper provides an excellent overview of the industry in the NWT, and you can download the entire paper here.