Installing a biomass boiler at your home or business is a great way to save money and the environment. But currently in the Northwest Territories, the regulations around installation are inconsistent and residential rules are different than commercial. To make sure you’re in compliance, here are the places to go for advice:
Your Insurance Provider
Before you buy, tell your current insurance provider you’re planning to switch to biomass as a heat source. In some cases, insurance companies may significantly increase your yearly premium. If this happens, don’t give up hope. By calling around, you’ll eventually find a company offering a reasonable premium that will allow you to enjoy the full savings of switching!
Pellet Stoves
Only technicians certified by the non-profit organization known as Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. can install a WETT certified pellet stove in the NWT. You can search for NWT-certified installers here.
Local Bylaws
Every community has its own bylaws and rules regarding boiler installation. To find out how your community governs this, contact your local municipal government here.
NWT Fire Marshall
View the NWT Fire Marshall’s regulations for the installation of biomass and other solid fuel boilers here. The regional and NWT-wide fire marshall office contacts are listed here.
GNWT Electrical and Boiler Inspectors
The territorial government has its own inspectors for boilers in buildings that are triplexes or larger. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this Q and A, you can find a list of inspectors to contact here.